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Cover Letter & Resume If you’re like me, the Career Services office and your English classes made you spend way too long writing and refining your cover letter for job applications. Not to say it was a complete waste of time, but I’m going to tell you that the vast majority of recruiters do not […]

You Can Chase the Unicorn

You Can Chase the Unicorn All You Want, But It Doesn’t Exist Ah, the unicorn. You know… the unicorn. The mythical, colorful, perfect creature that dances and flies around and spreads sunshine and rainbows everywhere it goes. It exists right? You have seen one, haven’t you? Maybe even caught one? Of course not! Unicorns don’t […]

Employee Engagement

Three Common Challenges (and Best Remedies) for Employee Engagement The article “Three Common Challenges (and Best Remedies) for Employee Engagement by Dr. Michelle Rozen covers three questions business owners/managers stumble over when it comes to getting their employees engaged in the business, and how the leaders themselves can become more engaged in their business when […]

2018 Hot Button Issue: Sexual Harassment in The Workplace

A study that was performed by NCHRA (Northern California Human Resources Association) asked “What is the single most important thing HR can do to eradicate sexual harassment, and why do you feel this would help? What were the top 5 responses? What Other information and data was collected? Read Full Article on HR Certification Institute […]

Today’s Most Satisfied Employees Demand These 4 Things

The employee landscape is changing, and with it has come new needs, desires and areas of importance for employees. This means employee development is no longer just about career development, but also goal alignment, non-monetary offerings, and simply, opportunities to prove themselves. A quarter of employees would be more satisfied at work if they were […]

Human Resources: The Big Issues

Around the world, companies are struggling with the aging workforce and less-loyal employees. A new survey reveals executives’ worries Companies are facing daunting challenges in hiring, training, and retaining people. Globalization has increased the demand for talent everywhere, while the upcoming retirement of the Baby Boom generation is projected to shrink worker supply in the […]