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Three Common Challenges (and Best Remedies) for Employee Engagement

The article “Three Common Challenges (and Best Remedies) for Employee Engagement by Dr. Michelle Rozen covers three questions business owners/managers stumble over when it comes to getting their employees engaged in the business, and how the leaders themselves can become more engaged in their business when they are engaged in their employees.

  1. Whose job is it to make sure that employees are engaged?

Is it the manager(s) responsibility? What about the owner/CEO? How about another employee that might be in the same role? To have the best success of employee engagement it should be everyone’s responsibility. One person can not keep your work culture moving forward in a positive direction. All parties need to be on board in employee engagement.

  1. How to make sure that employees truly care?

When was the last time you recited your companies vision, and mission statement? Does your company have one? When was the last time you clarified the company goals to your team? Revisiting your company’s goals, mission, vision and expectations are the best ways to make sure your employees truly care.

  1. How to get leaders engaged in the process of increasing employee engagement?

There are two ways for leaders to get involved in employee engagement. Explicitly and implicitly. But what is the difference? Explicit involvement on the leader’s part is shown through being active to show their employees that they care. When was the last time you as a leader took the time to talk to your employees, engaged in brainstorming sessions, and being on top of your feedback?

Implicit involvement is shown through personal example. Taking the time with a structured process allows the leader to self-monitor and reflect on their actions.

Rozen, Dr. Michelle. “Three Common Challenges (and Best Remedies) for Employee Engagement.” Huffington Post 26th July 2017

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